Fittings included with your tank

25 mm outlet

400 mm leaf screen & solar shield

100 mm overflow

Hand watering

2 hours

Washing machine

25 loads

Toilet flushes





W 600mm x L 1800mm x H 2020mm



 inc GST.

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Our Slimline corrugated steel water tanks are built for narrow spaces alongside your home or other limited access areas.


  • Available as detention (slow release), retention (reuse) and dual-purpose.
  • Supplied with all fittings in place for easier installation.
  • Made to measure options for your specific requirements.
  • New Zealand made using quality AQUAPLATE® corrugated steel
  • No BPA and no UV stabilisers as found in plastic tanks.
  • Rigid stainless-steel cross-bracing system ensures the tank won’t bulge or bow like a plastic tank.
  • Fire resistant as steel is a non-combustible material.
  • Seismic tank restraint system available (PS1).
  • Modern, architectural styling.
  • 20-year corrosion and 10-year manufacturing warranty.

Technical information


A retention water tank is designed to capture and store stormwater runoff for later use. It retains the water on-site, preventing it from immediately entering the drainage system. This stored water can be used for irrigation, landscaping, or other non-potable purposes, contributing to sustainable water management practices. Retention tanks help reduce the demand on municipal water supplies and mitigate the impact of urban development on local water resources.

A detention water tank is primarily focussed on controlling the flow and release of stormwater to prevent flooding and erosion. Detention tanks temporarily hold and slowly release stormwater into the drainage system at a controlled rate. This helps manage peak flows during heavy rainfall, reducing the risk of downstream flooding and erosion.

It generally takes three weeks to turn around a tank order excluding delivery. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will confirm your lead time.
We deliver tanks to metropolitan Auckland for free and can arrange nationwide delivery. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will prepare an estimate.

Seismic restraints are designed to secure water tanks and prevent them from tipping, sliding, or overturning during an earthquake. The ground shaking during seismic events can pose a significant risk to the stability of structures, including water tanks, and securing them is essential to ensure public safety and the integrity of water supply systems. Seismic restraints also help minimise the risk of damage to the tank itself and reduce the potential for water contamination or loss.

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